Clients that have benefited from Rolfing

Rolfing® does not clinically diagnose disease or illness and is not a panacea or cure for any medical condition. Rolfing can be beneficial for a variety of pre-existing conditions, and numerous clients have come to me for a variety of medically diagnosed ailments and have had positive results. I've included a few testimonials from present and past clients about the benefits of the Rolfing® while working with me.

"Rolfing is a highly effective somatic technique that aids in identifying and reorganizing the fabric of our human body. Working deeply and on multiple layers, Rolfing permits muscle tension to ebb away via the fascial network, permitting one to gain deeper insight into and harmony with the body-mind relationship. Michael has an uncanny ability to discern where and how to work to free the fascia. He is always attentive to where you are when you are on his table. The work is deep, profoundly freeing, and affirmative of the healing we can access. Michael creates and maintains a safe, trusting environment, in which you can unpack decades of hidden body memory, some useful and some worth letting go. In the many years of working with Michael I can say that my body-mind has been supported, encouraged, and opened to its capacity to adapt to and sustain a fully functioning life. Thank you does not begin to convey my trust and appreciation for his expertise!"
- M. Walchli, Dancer, Retired Professor of Dance, Pilates Trainer


"Our family highly recommends Michael Loukas as the best body work professional we have been able to find for our disabled daughter. She has severe emotional issues combined with a 70 degree scoliosis curve. We went around the country and even out of the country to try to find the best help we could for her. We finally discovered that what she needed was right in our own backyard!
Micheal has been able to emotionally bond with her and gain her trust, as well as help her physically. He helps her to maintain the movement of her rib cage, keep her pain managed, and we have been told by other professionals that her walk is better than many people with no scoliosis. We are very grateful to Michael for the help he provides.
- Mother, MSW, LISW-S

"I am convinced that without Michael's help, I would now require a wheelchair! I have always had issues with my neck and lower back. But, after chemotherapy and radiation treatment for Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2001, I developed many problems with my entire body and felt like I was eighty years old. While regular medical doctors could do nothing for me, a monthly regimen of an acupuncture treatment and a Rolfing® session over the years have made me feel young again. One particular problem I had after the cancer treatments was a huge bulge at the back of my neck, which clearly developed as a result of cancer growth. I could not sit straight in a chair with the back of my head on a headrest, especially when driving. I also could not lie flat on my back. However, with time, Rolfing® and recommended exercises have re-aligned my musculature and eliminated that terrible neck bulge (it just disappeared!). I am generally without pain and movement is easy. I am > thrilled to walk down the stairs like a young person and I can lie on my back on the floor or in bed now. I am totally in tune with my body and my quality of life has increased greatly. Michael is the best."
- Elizabeth Gierlowski-Kordesch, PhD Assoc. Professor, Ohio University


"From 1961 to 2004 I would have two or three episodes of acute low back pain every year which would last usually seven to fourteen days. Between attacks I would be pain free. I believe that my low back pain was due to thoracolumbar junction syndrome or Maigne's syndrome. During each attack I was in a great deal of pain. It is very painful to walk, dress, or sit. I was severely limited in my ability to bend and can not lift more than five pounds. The pain was constantly severe and intensified with any movement.

I have been evaluated by X-ray and MRI. I have been evaluated and treated by orthopedists, sports medicine specialists, physiatrists (physical medicine specialists), physical therapists, and osteopathic physicians who specialize in manipulation.

In 2004 an episode lasted over two months. In the summer of 2004 I began Rolfing®/Structural Integration and for the last two and one half years I have had no low back discomfort. I believe that this treatment has eliminated my discomfort and allowed me to continue working and living a full life."
- Paul Cadamagnani D.O.


"I made my first rolfing® appointment with Michael mostly out of curiosity to see what it was all about, since I was a new student to polarity therapy and energy bodywork. As an RN who has worked in critical care and other high-tech, fast-paced units in a hospital environment for 35 years, I found the whole concept of rolfing intriguing and way different from anything I'd ever learned in nursing school or practiced as a nurse. I was skeptical, but curious.

When I came to see Michael, I had numbness and tingling in my left thigh and down my leg and a very stiff neck which I blamed on work stress, and many hours at the computer. My sciatica symptoms disappeared completely after a few sessions, and my neck problems improved dramatically to the point that I no longer notice tightness & stiffness today. I remembered a hamstring injury that I had totally forgotten about until Michael worked on this area. I was surprised that I still had pain there, but it too was completely resolved with rolfing.

I noticed that after Michael did a rolfing session on my back & hips that I could walk with more flexibility in my hips & legs. I was surprised because I didn't even know I had a problem with this, but the difference was very noticeable to me.

On one visit, I mentioned to Michael about a "divot" in my lower leg muscle from hitting the corner of a desk close to a year ago & asked him if there was anything he could do to smooth it out. It looked like the muscle had atrophied in that spot. He worked on this area twice & smoothed out the muscle & it looks perfectly normal now.

I have to say that I feel much better overall, physically, mentally, and emotionally since having the rolfing series, and I have learned a lot about how the rolfing experience can impact the whole body. I was very impressed with Michael's knowledge, experience, ability, and professionalism. I referred a friend of mine, who was a former football player at Ohio State, to Michael for help with a hip problem. I encourage others who are looking for help with health issues to consider rolfing. Michael gets a very high recommendation from me."
- Jane Reed, RN, MSN, CCRN, APP


"As holistic health and fitness professionals, we are always looking to build a solid network to assist us in providing top-notch care for our clients. We feel extremely fortunate to have Michael right here in Columbus. His expertise and education in many disciplines including Rolfing® and Craniosacrial Therapy, have proven beneficial time and time again for a multitude of issues from low back pain to headaches to gait improvement for runnners.

We highly recommend him for his highly trained skills and his true compassion and desire to help his fellow human beings live to their fullest potential."
- Stephen and Michelle Ladd,The Human Form Fitness Studio


"I first began working with Michael in the summer of 2003 when I was 56. I had been just diagnosed with a bulging and herniated disk in my neck on the left side of the cervical spine. Needless to say I was in a lot of pain, having difficulty doing my job and I couldn't golf or workout.

Working with the neurologist as my guiding physician, physical therapist and Michael doing Rolfing®, over a period of several months my cervical spine healed and I was without pain much quicker than anticipated. As Michael continued to work with me I was still having intermittent numbness and tingling down the left arm which also eventually went away.

I saw the larger benefits of Rolfings affect on the rest of my body's overall balance and other injuries that have occasionally surfaced for me. As a result I continue to do maintenance work with Michael to stay tuned up and free of more serious issues occurring again. To this day I have not had any recurrence of my cervical neck problem and have been pain free, doing all the activities I desire doing which is working out and golfing regularly."
- Lee Hess, Chairman, Spectrum Capital Enterprises


"My first experience with Michael concerned my sinuses. Namely the sinus infections and bonchitis I would get every year. I was told by an ears nose and throat Dr. years before that I would have to have surgery to widen my sinus cavaties, because they were not allowing allergens and mucus to flow correctly out of my sinuses causing reaccuring infections. I did not want to have surgery so I suffered every year through sinus headaches and infections. Michael saw craniosacral therapy as a solution to the problem my ears nose and throat Dr. saw. The sessions themselves were very relaxing. No pain, but I could actually feel the bones adjusting. After two sessions I could feel the difference! The mucus would run out of my sinuses and down the back of my throat instead of getting stuck and causing pressure and headaches. Allergy season the following spring was much easier to deal with. But correcting my sinuses was not the only thing his craniosacral therapy session's helped me with.

After having a cavity filled I began experiencing intense pain in my head, mouth and jaw. I needed a root canal. But over the counter pain relievers didn't help with the intense, mind numbing pain. I couldn't get in to see an oral surgeon right away so Michael offered to do some craniosacral thearapy. One craniosacral therapy session kept me completely pain free for two to three hours at a time! I couldn't believe it, but was extremely grateful for his help."
- Carrie Loukas, Michael's wife.


"I had a water skiing accident 14 years ago. Since then I have had rib pain and other aches and pains. I didn’t have any pain relief with different sessions of physical therapy / manual therapy. I had pretty much given up on finding someone that would be able to help me with my rib dysfunction. That is until I was introduced to Rolfing®, specifically Michael Loukas.

My first actual Rolfing® session with Michael he worked on my ribcage. I went from only being able to shallow breathe to now being able to breathe all the way down to my pelvic floor. My ribs opened up and came alive and took their first deep breath in a very long time. The ribs had been stuck together for almost 14 years!

Another issue I had was very tight hamstring muscles. They burned all the time and were stiff as a board. After Michael Rolfed them the burning sensation went away and I feel like I can finally stretch them without hurting them.

He also was very creative trying different therapies to help release other parts of the body that were having a difficult time to release. I would highly recommend Michael. I wish I would have found him years ago. It would have saved me a lot of pain and discomfort."

- Teresa, Secretary

"My Rolfing® experience surpassed all of my expectations. I had suffered most of my adult life with chronic stiff neck, knots in my shoulders and upper back pain. It was so bad that I had tingling down my arms and was diagnosed 15 years ago with fibromyalgia. Deep tissue massage gave some relief for two or three days, but did not last. There were days when I could barely get out of bed due to neck pain and sometimes the pain was so intense that I would become nauseated. Last fall I heard about Rolfing® from a colleague and I made an appointment. It turned out to be one of the best descisions I have ever made! Michael Loukas has taken away the stiff neck, shoulder knots and pain, it is a thing of the past. Michael is highly skilled, professional, and patient. I would highly recommend him to anyone with musculoskeletal problems that have not been successfully resolved."
- Cheryl Mace R.N.


"At 56 years old, I had had quite a few years to develop bad posture and chronic neck and lower back pain. I had been to my General Practitioner but all she could offer was pain medication, a prescription for Physical Therapy, and the prospect of surgery. I had never heard of Rolfing until my wife recommended that I give it try. I thought it a little strange at first, but experienced a remarkable sense of satisfaction, even following the first treatment. After one year of Rolfing®, I find myself standing and walking with improved posture and have experienced sustained relief from my neck and back pain. Michael has also provided valuable instruction for daily development of core strength and a series of stretching exercises which I use prior to my bicycling. I have found Michael to be a highly gifted, competent, and caring professional in his delivery of therapy and advice for the movement accompanied with living."
- Phil Beckley, Assistant Professor Emeritus


" Rolfing® solved my siatica problem after several visits with Michael Loukas. The pain in my right leg, hip, and foot has gone and I am now able to return to full physical activity. I would recommend rolfing to anyone who has a structural problem with their body."
- George Korpi


"Under Michael's expert Rolfing® technique, the pain in my neck disappeared and my shoulder regained a flexibility it hadn't enjoyed in years. Michael works the whole body to address the specific part, untangling the complex knots the body has worked itself into over the years. As a result, my posture felt realigned, my stride purposeful and energetic, my whole being renewed."
- Nancy Zaffris, Fiction Writer and Educator.


"I developed a very painful frozen shoulder in the spring of 2006. My acupuncturist recommended a Rolfer™ named Michael Loukas and I began seeing him in the fall, once a month, for treatment. Frozen shoulders often take two years to resolve but mine was 95% better by March 2007. I noticed increases in my range of motion every month after Michael worked on me. He definitely knows what he is doing."
- Helen Gawthrop


"I had my first 10 Rolfing sessions in Chicago about 30 years ago and always have said that it was the best gift I had ever given myself. Recently I fell and broke the head of my right humerus into 4 pieces tearing my rotator cuff at the same time. I knew right away that a Rolfer needed to be part of my recovery team.

The guiding surgical orthopedic physician agreed after he checked out Michael’s website. Eventually he said my injury had healed enough to proceed with Rolfing®. My whole arm, shoulder, neck and upper spine had been affected by the injury and resulting surgery. My whole body felt out of balance.

Michael is a patient, thorough and excellent Rolfer™. He’s the fifth Rolfer I’ve worked with over the years. Michael very methodically worked through the problems created from the injury and resulting surgery. He treated the scar tissue, limited range of motion, shoulder pain and impingement, allowing me to have unlimited range of motion again. He also improved my overall balance from head to toe.

After 14 months I have full range of motion and probably more strength than before the injury and surgery. Although my physical therapists say no one is ever the same after sustaining an injury like I had, they are amazed by my recovery. The doctor has stated I have exceeded normal expectations for my injury and is thrilled with my progress. Although I still have some scar tissue in my shoulder, I’m 95% of where I want to be because of Rolfing®.

If someone has ever had an injury or is in any pain, I highly recommend Rolfing®. Consider Michael as your choice of Rolfer™. I’m sure you’ll be pleased."
- J. Nelson – age 63

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