Rolfing, what to expect.

Rolfing® is a series of bodywork and movement education sessions (10 or sometimes more) designed to bring an unbalanced body, back into a structurally integrated balance. Sessions are done in succession, idealy every week, one session building on the next. Whether from genetics, poor posture, physical injury, illness or emotional distress we experience life as a less flexible body, stress, pain and depleted energy or motivation.

As we experience life, the body loses its architectural integrity, fascia shortens and thickens in characteristic patterns of strain and tightness in order to shore us up against gravity. The Rolfer™ then works with the life history of the client's characteristic body type and patterns, to strategically soften and lengthen strained fascia and soft tissue in the body, allowing the body to right and align itself more effortlessly in gravity.

The Rolfer™ and client work together to understand the client's structure and movement patterns while exploring the possibilities for freer and more balanced movement in breathing, walking, standing, sitting and whatever special or daily activities the person is involved in. Attending to the whole person they work to release specific holding patterns in the body and with postural awareness ques, reintegrate those new positive habbits into their daily routines.

Over time the client's body use and awareness allow for the possibility of conscious centering movements that can be taken into everyday life to ease pain and stress and to enhance all life's activities. These Rolf Movement sessions are interspersed within the Rolfing® sessions or added to the series to support the potential lasting change of the work.

Experiencing Sessions:

Rolfing® sessions usually begin with a verbal and physical evaluation of the client's history. An agreement on the client's goals and expectations is made. At the client's request photography can be employed to track structural changes of their body. Clients dress as follows: men; underwear or running shorts only; women: wear undergarments, a two piece bathing suit, or a jog bra and running shorts. WEAR NO: PERFUMES, LOTIONS, OR JEWELRY DURING THE SESSIONS.

Rolfing, what is it?

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