Paige Morris
After graduating from Miami University with a BA in English/Creative Writing, I realized I wanted to work with people in a more direct way. I've always been an athlete and have a keen interest in the ways in which a body can function optimally. I found Rolfing through the suggestion of a trusted friend and after my first ten-series, I felt as though my perspective AND my body were changed. I felt more open to experience. So, I applied and was accepted to the Rolf Institute in Boulder, CO. My husband Dan and I moved to Boulder in August of 2004, and I began learning the art of Rolfing. I finished my primary training in late 2005. We all use our bodies differently in movement, be it for sport, yoga, music,delivering packages,waiting tables, gardening... Whatever it is that you do through your body that brings you joy, to earn your living, or simply navigate your world, I am grateful for the opportunity to help you live with greater ease. I also extend eternal gratitude to Ida Rolf for her determination and lifelong study/creation of this ingenious process we call Rolfing.